Jumbo Dinosaurs From Learning Resources – Awaken Your Child’s Curiosity!

Learning Resources Jumbo DinosaursGive your child a glimpse into the past with the stylish and fun toy from Learning Resources – Jumbo Dinosaurs! Guaranteed to be a favourite for both boys and girls the Jumbo Dinosaurs set includes the raptor, triceratops, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex. With this fun learning set your child will never be short of a dino buddy.

The Jumbo Dinosaur set encourages an interest in both science and history from a young age, as well as encouraging a healthy imagination, curiosity and pretend play.

Parents will be relieved to hear that each dino buddy is made of wipe clean durable plastic. In addition these dino pals can be packed away in their very own storage box between uses.

The storage box measures in at around fifteen inches wide, 14 inches high and almost 4 inches deep. With all dinosaurs safely packed inside the box weighs approximately 3 lbs.

The largest of the dino buddies is around 9 inches tall and 12 inches long, an intriguing but not overwhelming size for small hands. Visually they look great, with unique colouring and shading for each dino pal.

The Jumbo Dinosaur set from Learning Resources comes with an activity guide allowing children to learn all sorts of interesting facts about each dinosaur, the pack also includes early science  discussion starters.

Some other great features of the Jumbo Dinosaur set are the realistic details of each dino pal, the durable materials which make the set ideal for outdoor play and the storage box with handle for easy transport and use.

So far this learning set has received great reviews from parents and children alike. Parents
especially like the size of the dino buddies, indicating that they are easy for small hands to hold and safe for playing, in fact the minimum play age for this set is three years of age. Parents also like the fact that there are no small parts to worry about and that they are clearly made to last.

Other parents have loved how the Jumbo Dinosaur set works so well with their children's existing toys. Block sets have been used to build stables for the dino pals, even a castle that could be defended by the dinosaurs. Parents commented that the Jumbo Dinosaurs make great play sessions for the whole family, not just the youngest members!

All in all the Jumbo Dinosaur set makes a great, fun, long-lasting and educational set for both
boys and girls from three years of age and upwards. Of course we can expect nothing less
from Learning Resources, with over 20 years experience as a trusted source for parents and
educators alike, this leading manufacturer are committed to providing quality educational
products. With over 1300 products Learning Resources knows how to make a great product
that will help your children to learn, play and progress during those first crucial years of life.

The Jumbo Dinosaur set is a wonderful example of a product that fuses fun, curiosity, learning and imagination in a very attractive package.