Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-RexWhat could be more exciting than a motorized dinosaur with fun clip on accessories? The
Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex is a toy designed for children over the age of three. The
many clip on accessories and motorized parts should keep your child busy and give them an
opportunity to use their imagination.
The Mega T-Rex comes with robotic arms, a helmet, two blasters mounted on his armor and
a small soldier figure who can ride on the back of the T-Rex. The blasters can fire small
projectiles when your child pushes a button. The versatility of this toy is what makes it original.

Main Features And Specifications

Your child can remove all the accessories for a more traditional dinosaur toy with a snapping
jaw and sound effects.
If your child is in the mood for something more than a traditional dinosaur toy, they can add
the robotic arms, the helmet, the blasters and the cockpit for the small soldier. There are
many different combinations thanks to the clip on accessories and your child can imagine their
own scenarios.
The motorized Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex can perform a variety of actions. There is
a button on its back that can be used to make the toy throw its head back, open his jaws
and even roar. The arms and the tail of the dinosaur are animated as well and perform some
very realistic movements.
Between the motorized parts, the sound effects and the blasters that can launch projectiles,
your child has a variety of ways to interact with the toy. Snapping the accessories on or off
the dinosaur is also part of the fun. Your child will more than likely find creative ways to make
the Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex interact with their other toys, for instance by launching
The bright colors of the Mega T-Rex make the toy very appealing. It definitely had a
cartoonish design, which goes well with the clip on accessories. The colors and cartoonish
aspect of the toy will appeal to children and make the toy a truly original take on dinosaur
action figures.
Fisher Price has been manufacturing toys since 1930 and was bought by Mattel in 1993. The
brand is known for its quality products and the Mega T-Rex is no exception. There is a larger
number of positive reviews on the toy and you should not run into any issues with this
product. Fisher-Price is known for providing excellent customer service if you were to purchase
a defective toy.

The Bottom Line – Is It Worth It?

The Imaginext Mega T-Rex by Fisher-Price is available at a number of stores. You can of
course order it from the official Fisher-Price website but the toy can easily be found through
major retailers. Fisher-Price also sells a few other similar dinosaurs with accessories, including a
stegosaurus, a raptor and an apatosaurus. All the Imaginext dinosaurs are brightly colored
and feature similar accessories, sound effects and motorized actions. If your child loves their
dinosaur toy, consider getting a few other species for them.
In the end, the Imaginext Mega T-Rex is a fun and original take on the dinosaur action figure.
Your child will have a ton of fun thanks to the many features of the toy and its potential for
creative play.